Sunday, November 14, 2010

Travelling and Unravelling - FranceIreland 2010

Unravelling myself from all demands
Seems a daunting task
But I persevere
For it seems I need time to “just be”
And discover something new about me

I’m not sure why I must do this journey
All on my own
Will it become clearer as the days go by?
As the outer landscape keeps changing
I feel more and more at home in myself

Contained by the ancient gothic arches
I stretch and grow
Seeking a clear sign of a new direction
Content to be where I am
And realizing there is no need for perfection

Finding new companions to share the journey
I learn many lessons
Will they apply to me at all in the future?
It’s not necessary to know now
Just to reflect and listen to the profound silence
And consider the landscape.

And ponder how it came to be
So many questions, not enough answers
Only time will tell

A profound appreciation
For gathering around the hearth
And a need to spend more time at the well
The fountain of divine spirit and inspiration

Time spent well
Will allow for replenishment
And an awareness of how to be
much more present

I feel replete, stronger, strengthened
and assured
That I am going in the right direction
I feel profound gratitude
Cleansed, blessed and refreshed

And a strong sense of connection
To my Celtic ancestors
I just know I have a place to go
And time to get to really know
Where I have been!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Labyrinth Luminaries - Available for Rent!

A few months ago the Carleton Place Labyrinth Committee had a scathingly brilliant idea to improve the luminaries that we use to light up our labyrinth!   We decided to use wooden blocks with the centre of the block cut out to hold either a wax candle tea lite or battery candle. These blocks would be easy to use and were reusable, plus they stabilized the paper bags they would sit in, and not blow away or collapse easily.

The Labyrinth Committee contacted a few friends and family members to ask them if they would be kind enough to make us a few of these blocks, –we ended up with over seven hundred of the blocks ! I guess you might say we had a “wooden block blitz,” there was so much enthusiasm from these wonderful carpenters we were quite taken back by their hard work and generosity in supporting us, on this venture.We are looking forward to using these blocks many times for our future events to "light the path" at the Labyrinth Walks.

To help support our ongoing Carleton Place Community Labyrinth  fundraising campaign we are also making these "Labyrinth Luminaries" available for rent! Just imagine the lovely warm glow that can be added to a wedding or other outdoor festivity!

For more information and to book your rental please contact:
Christine Hume 613 859 2136