Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Make Your Own Lantern!

Making a Lantern: Small gift type boxes or gift bags, empty milk containers, take out containers; cracker or tea boxes can all be adapted to lanterns. All of this type of lantern will need cut outs to let the light through. Decorate the outside of the container and add a handle to your creation with rope, ribbon, wire, or pipe cleaners.
Milk Carton Lanterns
Mason jars and large plastic bottles with the tops cut off make great lanterns when decorated with coloured tissue paper. If using plastic bottles make sure to punch 2 holes directly across from each other approximately I/2 inch from the cut top.
Step 1: Use a half and half solution of white glue and water to stick pieces of tissue to the container. Working in sections, apply the glue mixture to the container with a small paint brush and place the tissue over the glue area.
Step 2: Completely cover the container with a collage of the tissue, add stickers, sparkles and any other embellishments. Apply a small amount of glue over any pieces of tissue paper that appears to be dry or not sticking to the container.

Having fun making jar lanterns at Labyrinth Fest!
Step 3: Let dry overnight and add a wire handle for carrying.
Step 4: Use a battery operated tea light or glow stick to make a lantern that is safe to carry.

Help light the path at the Harvest Labyrinth Walk - see you there!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Lanterns Will Light the Carleton Place Labyrinth on Saturday October 1st

On the evening of Saturday October 1st, a parade of candlelit lanterns will illuminate the path of Carleton Place's newly built community labyrinth to celebrate a "Harvest Lantern Labyrinth Walk".  Festivities take place at 7:00 pm., behind the Carleton Place & Beckwith Heritage Museum, (formerly the Victoria School Museum) at 267 Edmund Street in Carleton Place.

Luminaries and lanterns light the path!

The "Harvest Lantern Labyrinth Walk" is a popular fall event, as families from across the region bring along their festive lanterns and enjoy an evening labyrinth walk. Last year, more than a hundred participants of all ages enjoyed a walk to celebrate the bounty of autumn. Along with a candlelit path lit by hundreds of luminaries, expect to find a roaring bonfire, music, and refreshments – all chosen for the harvest theme!

Bring your own lantern or borrow one of ours!

Bring along a chair and a lantern (or borrow one of ours) and join us as we celebrate harvest-time with a candlelit lantern walk along the path of the community labyrinth!

For more information, contact Debby at 257-1014

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memories of Labyrinth Fest!

Memories of a wonderful day!
Deborah:  What a lovely day – long awaited. All of our work came together in (yet another!) fantastic event. It was very satisfying to see the labyrinth in place – the landscaping, the benches, the stone bench with finger labyrinth, the people, and the weather! Glorious, warm but not humid, breezy, weather. The labyrinth is now in place for anyone to visit any time; it is accessible to everyone, and it is a beautiful addition to our community We can put together events so much more easily - I am already looking forward to the Harvest Lantern Walk!

Picking the perfect rock to carry onto the labyrinth!
Julia: People came early, children all over the Labyrinth...
THEN THE BLESSING. This was uplifting and joyful, enfolding the group, even before we entered the Labyrinth, hand in hand. From then on it was a truly fantastic day, filled with music and laughter.
NOW I know why I’m involved with the Labyrinth.

Opening with the lovely sounds of the harp.
Chris:  It was an absolutely perfect summer day - a bright blue sky, and everything just seemed to flow magically! It was wonderful arriving early and seeing Doug put some finishing touches to the labyrinth landscape. Our hearts were singing a joyful song all day long - and the labyrinth energy seemed to fill the air and space of that time and place!  The photos taken that day really help to tell the story... 
Drumming circle added to the labyrinth fest celebrations!
Ronette: It was a magical day to see it all come together after so much thought and preparation were put
into it. Not sure which was the most special moments of the day - looking out - with all of you on the stage and realizing we had truly arrived at this "Day" and seeing the number of folks out there and friends who supported us and the Labyrinth and believed in it.  Listening to Vanessa say her prayer and the holding of hands and one of the ladies next to me saying "how good it felt " to do this! It truly was a beautiful day and we were blessed and so inspired by it all.
The labyrinth is officially declared open!
Debby:  Our celebration was as wonderful as it could possibly be. I am so very proud of all of us for creating the Community Labyrinth and as I said in my speech:
No one accomplishes this type of project alone.
No single person is responsible for this beautiful space.
Together (sponsors, and supporters) we have been able to bring to Carleton Place a special space for quiet reflection, meditation, prayer and fun community events.”
How grateful I am to my committee for their dedication and determination to this project and how blessed I feel to work with such a wonderful group of women.

These words came to us as a thank you from someone who walked the Labyrinth.
I pray others see the Labyrinth as a calming force in their lives. For them, I thank you and your companions for your insight in a world so needing a time and a place to take a deep breath and a moment to reflect”.
Body, mind and spirit are soothed today!

Karen: peony petals
float below a cloudless sky
softly in circles
hold my hand let's walk
...good to be in this moment
summer on our faces
the grass path is soft
and can take many footprints
hey a butterfly!

Heather:  You’ve all said it so well, in every aspect, it was a grand day!

See you at the Harvest Lantern Walk!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dedication of the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth - June 18, 2011

Preparing for the dedication!
We who are gathered here hold hopes and dreams for this beautiful labyrinth. Take a few moments to silently identify our own desires and prayers for this wonderful healing tool. (Pause.)

I invite you to cup your hands before you. (Like this.) Imagine putting all your desires for this labyrinth in your hands until they are overflowing.

As you open your hands outward, send all the possibilities that you have imagined for this healing tool toward it.  Thank you!

I am going to offer several prayers for this labyrinth. After each, I would invite all of us to respond by repeating the following phrase,
“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”
If you would like, lift your hands toward the labyrinth as an indication of the blessings we are sending to it.
The positive energy could be felt by all!
Please join me as we dedicate this labyrinth.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May this labyrinth be a place where we welcome the hopes that are brought here, as well as the pain, the questions, the sighing, the laughter, the tears, and expressions of surprise.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May those who arrive in despair find the courage to step over the threshold into the possibility of transformation.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May those who walk here seeking wisdom, find it.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May those who travel the labyrinth’s path carrying heavy burdens discover the ability to set them down.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

We all feel connected!
Leader: May the center be a place where those who are exhausted find rest, where those who are grieving receive comfort, and where those who are dejected encounter unexpected joy.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May those discovering new perspectives here, find the courage to act on them.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May all who experience the labyrinth discover Divine Love as their companion.

“We dedicate this labyrinth to the well-being of our community.”

May it be so! Amen
Closing the dedication with a chain dance to the centre!
The prayer was from Jill Geoffrion, and I changed some a bit.  Vanessa Compton

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Granite Bench!

This Wednesday the "Finger Labyrinth Granite Bench" was installed at the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth.  We chose to show the Chatres pattern as the finger labyrinth - as this demonstrates that there are different styles of labyrinths, this one being the most dramatic! 

Using your finger to trace into the center and then out again, will give you the possibility of experiencing some of the same healing, centering and guiding energies you can find by walking the full-size version.  Remember to bring some of the calmness and stillness you feel with you as return to your busy life!

Bench installation by the creators - Kinkaid & Loney Monuments, Smiths Falls

The Chartres Labyrinth's geometric form beautifully etched in granite.

A place to pause and ponder!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Labyrinth Fest - Schedule of Events

“Labyrinth Fest” which takes place on Saturday, June 18th from 10 am to 4 pm, is a celebration to open our new community labyrinth! Labyrinth Fest will be a community wide and beyond celebration, the schedule for the day is unfolding wonderfully!

Schedule of Events (as of June 2nd)
  • 10:00 am  Welcome - Harpist Marion Miller and Janice Parton
  • 10:15 am  Opening Ceremonies - Mayor Wendy LeBlanc
  • 10:30 am  Blessing of the Labyrinth & Facilitated Walk - Vanessa Compton
  • 11:00 am  The Saturday Singers: Gloria Baker, Peter Brown, Frak and Mary Martens
  • 11:30 am  Learn About Labyrinths, Presentation - Debby Lytle
  • 11:30 am  Drumming Group
  • Noon         Yoga Demo with Tamara and Tomasz from the Yoga Station
  • 12:15 pm  Lunch
  • 1:00 pm    Taoist Tai Chi Demonstration
  • 1:15 pm    Sara Mitchell, Singer/Songwriter/Musician
  • 1:30 pm    Learn About Labyrinths, Presentation - Debby Lytle
  • 2:00 pm    Facilitated Labyrinth Walk - Marie-Chantale Noël
  • 2:30 pm    Barley Shakers Musical Group
  • 3:00 pm    Pets in the Labyrinth, Facilitated Walk - Christine Hume
  • 4:00 pm    Close
Finger Labyrinths in Glass and Polymer Clay, Handcrafted Journals - Joanne Foster
Meditations in Watercolor and Pencil - Jacquie Christiani
Swirlicious Jewellry - Teri White
Labyrinth Pillows and Hangings - Joyce Layman

Food Vendors
Saigon's Delight
St. James Anglican Women's Council

Other Attractions
Children's Activity Table
Carleton Place in Bloom/Carleton Place & District Horticultural Society
Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
Hall of Valour

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Walked as One at One!

A small group of enthusiastic walkers, some with their dogs, joined together to walk the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth at 1:00 pm on Saturday May 7th, 2011. At the very same time around the world, there were others walking labyrinths in honour of World Labyrinth Day!  The simple objective is to effect a rolling wave of peaceful energy as the world turns.  How profound is that!
Walking the Path Together Makes a Difference!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Dream Becomes Reality!

 “The labyrinth is a larger-than-life metaphor of the spiritual journey. It calls you to trust the path and to experience directly what is happening. The path, the turns, the center, and all that you encounter on the walk have something to teach you.”
Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, The Sacred Path Companion

It feels absolutely wonderful to have a long-awaited dream come true!  Here are some photos to show recent changes - as the labyrinth space starts to come together.  We are working towards having everything ready for our Labyrinth Fest celebration on Saturday June 18th... Hope to see you there.

A place to rest and take some time for reflection.

Garden beds full of promise.

A Welcoming Sign invites you to Walk the Path

Inspiration underfoot.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Inspirational Stones

These stones will be set
into the pathway leading to the labyrinth entrance.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Labyrinth Fest! June 18th - 10 am to 4 pm

Come and Celebrate the Official Opening of the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth!

On Saturday June 18th, a festival of fun for all ages will showcase the official opening of Carleton Place’s newly built permanent labyrinth on the grounds of Carleton Place & Beckwith Heritage Museum (formerly the Victoria School Museum). Organizers from The Labyrinth Committee (TLC) are planning an informal daytime festival theme, where visitors are welcome to drop in between 10 am. and 4 pm. on Saturday the 18th. We invite you to experience our newly completed labyrinth, enjoy a wide variety of music, visit artisan booths with labyrinth themes, and enjoy lunch or snacks from the vendors on-site. Children of all ages can visit the activity table to make a lantern for future evening walks.

Make a lantern for an evening labyrinth walk!
It’s a really exciting time for the Committee - after three years of planning, fund-raising, and holding several public events, the labyrinth will now be a permanent fixture in Carleton Place. We are proud to bring this experience to our community! ” exclaims Debby Lytle, TLC chairperson.

A Grand Opening and Official Ribbon-Cutting will kick off the festivities. For those who are new to the labyrinth experience, facilitated walks will be held throughout the day by qualified instructors. A slide presentation will also be shown inside the museum for those interested in knowing more of the history and reasons for the labyrinth's modern revival.

We decided that a fun, festival-like feeling is a perfect way to open the new labyrinth, and thank our many community supporters and volunteers,” adds Lytle.

For those who are new to the labyrinth experience, a labyrinth is a circular path - an ancient spiral form that has been used for over 4,000 years. A single entrance point guides the walker through a series of turns that lead to the centre of the pattern. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth holds no tricks or dead ends. The walker can focus on a thought, a prayer, or simply enjoy the walk itself. Walking a labyrinth has been used for centuries to support healing, meditation, and personal growth.

For more information call Debby 613-257-1014
A full schedule of events will be posted here soon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Labyrinth in the Snow

A few of us gathered at the site of the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth one night this past week - and we created a temporary labyrinth in the snow.  We wanted to send healing energy to a dear friend and this seemed the best way to do so.  We started by tromping the seed pattern in the snow, then walked and marked out the fields in an ever-widening circle - and created a 5-circuit classical labyrinth!

The waning full moon was hidden by the clouds, but the snow was beautiful, powdery and sparkly.  We each brought some luminaries and carefully placed them at the centre of the labyrinth.  We realized that we could only walk the labyrinth once, because as we walked the path would disappear.  We gathered in a circle at the centre and recited this lovely caim prayer, with a mantra added in for good measure.  We felt a great sense of peace and a feeling that all would be well.  Then we made our way back out along the snowy path and headed to our warm and cozy homes!

And here are a few other labyrinths in the snow for further inspiration!  If you have ever made one - we would love to see your photos!