Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Yoga on the Labyrinth

On Sunday August 11th, 2019 we tried something new - yoga on the labyrinth! The Kundalini yoga class was taught by Dawn, a Carleton Place Community labyrinth committee member and trained yoga teacher. She set up at the centre of the labyrinth and we arranged our mats in a semi-circle on the paths of the labyrinth. The energy was beautiful, we felt held in the protective space of the labyrinth and truly energized at the end of the class.

We set up our yoga mats in a semi-circle around the centre of the labyrinth.
We feel energized after our first yoga session on the labyrinth. Everyone who was meant to be there was there!
What a great gift to find this kindness rock near the labyrinth, after our yoga session.
Stay tuned - as we start to plan for a completely different lineup of events for the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth for 2020. We are pretty sure that Yoga on the Labyrinth will be in the mix :)

Finding Peace on the Labyrinth

Once again, we were blessed with a beautiful evening for our Summer Solstice Peace Walk (held on June 21st, 2019) .at the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth. The magic of the evening seemed never-ending! We had all of the volunteer help that was needed. The sun beams landed directly on the labyrinth. The Rhythm and Song Community Choir sang angelically. And our guest speaker Mony Dojeiji, a veteran pilgrim and author, spoke directly from the heart, to all of our hearts.
We are very thankful for the photographers (John Rayner and Robert McDonald) who helped to catch the spirit of this very special event.
Guest speaker Mony Dojeiji sharing some insights about pilgrimage and labyrinth walking from the heart. (Photo: J. Rayner)
The labyrinth was particularly beautiful and the summer solstice energy in the air was palpable! (Photo: J. Rayner)
Labyrinth walkers were invited to select a stone that resonated with them, carry it while walking, then let it go at the centre of the labyrinth. (Photo: J. Rayner)

There was a great feeling of peace and connection during the labyrinth walk this evening. (Photo: R. McDonald)
The Carleton Place Community Labyrinth has an enlarged centre - intentionally designed to give a larger group room to gather and reflect there. (Photo: J. Rayner)
The Rhythm and Song Community Choir, directed by Jennifer Noxon, sang beautifully while people walked the labyrinth. (Photo: J. Rayner)
We truly felt thankful and full of inner peace on this Summer Solstice eve. (Photo: J. Rayner)
We are all loved. (Photo: J. Rayner)