Friday, June 10, 2011

The Granite Bench!

This Wednesday the "Finger Labyrinth Granite Bench" was installed at the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth.  We chose to show the Chatres pattern as the finger labyrinth - as this demonstrates that there are different styles of labyrinths, this one being the most dramatic! 

Using your finger to trace into the center and then out again, will give you the possibility of experiencing some of the same healing, centering and guiding energies you can find by walking the full-size version.  Remember to bring some of the calmness and stillness you feel with you as return to your busy life!

Bench installation by the creators - Kinkaid & Loney Monuments, Smiths Falls

The Chartres Labyrinth's geometric form beautifully etched in granite.

A place to pause and ponder!