Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Gift of our Weekly Walks

Colourful flower box at the entrance sign
We have greatly enjoyed being "keepers of the labyrinth" this summer - while taking turns hosting the Weekly Walks at the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth on Tuesdays from 9 am to 10 am. Whether someone new comes to learn about and walk the labyrinth, or not - it has truly been a gift - to spend a quiet hour tending to the gardens and the labyrinth paths and being "in the moment" in this peaceful place.
Here are some reflections about the Weekly Walk on Tuesday August 28th...
"I am never alone when I walk the labyrinth. Although no one came to walk today I was surrounded by nature's little miracles. When I first arrived a dove was resting on the path, on closer inspection two plump babies had been artfully hidden under the large green leaves in the hosta border. Mother dove and I gave one another the once over, seeing me as no threat to the little ones, she cooed some cautionary advice to her babies, and flew off - leaving me to mind her wee ones.
Momma Mourning Dove on the Contemplation Ring

Plump babies artfully hidden in the Hostas
 Not long after a black squirrel quickly scampered through the labyrinth as if in a panic realizing that he was woefully behind in the nut gathering and storing activity of fall. A chickadee sang cheerfully over my head as I was weeding under the Amur Maple.

On this beautiful morning I was mindful of small miracles."


The good news is - there are still nine more weekly walks - as we will be there from now until Tuesday October 30th!  Give yourself the gift of some time spent at the labyrinth, who knows what you will discover?