Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finding Peace Within Ourselves

Thanks to all who joined us at the Walk in Peace & Native Teachings event at the labyrinth on Thursday June 18th.  These special photos were taken by Kay McKay, and truly capture the spirit and feeling of the event. Interspersed with the photos are comments from our labyrinth committee members and some of the people who attended.
Smudging clears any negative energy and is healing for the mind, body and spirit!

Francine Desjardins, Sunflower, Watching Woman of the Bear Clan, shared teachings on peace and the medicine wheel.
We are reminded to find peace within ourselves, as a way of bringing to the rest of the world.
"What a wonderful gathering in the gardens and at the labyrinth last night! And at the impromptu Circle gathering in the Museum afterwards – during the rain storm…

I was able to finally walk the labyrinth first thing this morning. It was so beautiful to be able to watch the dreamcatcher moving in the breeze as I was walking – and to see the details of the items added – once I got to the centre."

Debby Lytle tells the story and teachings of the dreamcatcher.
We all participate in creating a peacewalk dreamcatcher.
Immersed in the creative process!
"Wonderful event. Everyone really enjoyed doing the communal dreamcatcher."

 "What a lovely picture of the Dream Catcher, it is certainly a great memory of a wonderful walk."

Chris Hume tells the story of the labyrinth and how to get the most out of your walk.
Cedar is one of the four sacred medicines given to the First Nations people as a means of communicating with the Creator. Those who wish to, carry a piece of Cedar with them on their labyrinth walk.

Chad Clifford, Blueberry Mountain Flutes (maker) plays his native-style flute during the labyrinth walk.

Going with the flow on the labyrinth - just before the storm.
"I enjoyed walking the labyrinth during the rain storm. Great circle of flute playing in the museum afterwards!"

"I ended up getting to the car just as it really started raining, and then sat for a while. I really wanted to thank you and your fellow Committee members for another memorable labyrinth event!  You had gone to a lot of trouble to make it a success and I loved being able to add to the dreamcatcher, plus I really appreciated the talk, drumming and singing by Francine.  Doing the walk to the flutes with the dark clouds looming was very atmospheric. All in all, a special day."

Rattle and tapping sticks, part of the Drum Circle tradition.