Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reflections from a Labyrinth Pilgrimage

We had the privilege recently to go on a "Labyrinth Pilgrimage Tour in the Ottawa Valley", facilitated by Ruth Richardson, Registered Nurse and Labyrinth Facilitator. This course was offered through Algonquin College's Personal Development Institute.  We visited seven labyrinth sites in and around Ottawa.  We got to meet the people who created them, hear the stories of their labyrinth journies and had the opportunity to walk a few of them.
Entrance to the Bennett-Lindsay Labyrinth in Burnstown, Ontario
Going through my notes from the Labyrinth Pilgrimage I found some words that I had written after our labyrinth walk in Burnstown.

Sharing with you
A sunny fall day
The mown path before me
Twisting and turning
Uphill and down
Uneven ground
Like my life’s journey
Nature's texture is here
Stalks of tall dry grasses
Seeds pods of new life
Fall softly as I brush by
Soft and woolly plumes
Caress me as I walk on
I sidestep the thistles
Sharp and prickly
The hurts along the way
Like my life’s journey
Wild flowers fading
Colours of yellow, purple and white
Appear unexpectedly
As the smile on my face
The calm in my heart
Celebrating the joy
Of my life’s journey
- Debby Lytle, September 29th, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Memorial Maples at the Labyrinth

We were very pleased to be called recently by the Councillor responsible for the Veterans Tree Program in Carleton Place looking for locations to plant 93 Autumn Blaze maple trees. We could have two of these for the Labyrinth with only one condition. There would be a plaque with the name of the veteran, dates and other information - a granite marker placed flush with the ground.

We think the beautiful autumn trees will make a lovely addition to the labyrinth.  The symbol of a labyrinth is a symbol of peace and remembering veterans is a way to reinforce the message  that we do remember and we do not want war to happen again.

When digging the hole for the tree a very large rock was uncovered and removed from the hole. We asked it if could be placed over close to the area where our Welcome Sign will be installed - and ever obliging it was picked up by the fork truck and lifted into place. Amazing!!
A perfect fall day for planting!

Town crew planting the Autumn Blaze maple at the labyrinth.

A lovely addition to Labyrinth Park!