Friday, March 26, 2010

NYC - Battery Park: Jerusalem Grove and Battery Labyrinth for Contemplation

I had the privilege of visiting New York City this week - taking a course for work.  I did an online search for labyrinths in NYC - hoping to find one I could visit and walk after being inside all day.  I was delighted to find the Battery Labyrinth in nearby Battery Park.  I felt  an incredible sense of peacefulness and going with the flow while walking the path of this lovely labyrinth.  I spent some time at the centre looking out towards the Statue of Liberty, enjoying being in the moment and the warmth of the setting sun.

Here is some more information, as found here on Flickr:
"It was created originally to commemorate the one year anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy and offers the public a way to reflect, honor and heal.  The labyrinth path is outlined with 1,148 granite blocks that form seven circular rings. Designed by Camino de Paz Labyrinths, it runs approximately 358 feet to the center core and then 358 out again to the entrance.A labyrinth encourages contemplation on a journey with a clear destination. It's goal is to create an internal balance generated by the rhythm of the walking and the mental state of no decision-making. The labyrinth sits within Jerusalem Grove--a grove of 11 Blue Atlas Cedars (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'). The cedars were a gift from Israel and dedicated on July 8, 1976."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toronto Public Labyrinth at Trinity Square Park

During a very short trip to Toronto recently for a day long "Art of Marketing" conference, I was able to fit in an early morning visit to the Labyrinth at Trinity Square Park.  I discovered that the labyrinth was just minutes away from the Sheratron on Queen Street.   I slipped out of the hotel room by 6:30 am and set out to find Trinity Square Park.  I first was drawn to Nathan Phillipps Square but quickly realized this was not the right spot.  Anyone that I asked that morning - did not know where Trinity Square Park was. So I just headed to the right, past the Bell Building and suddenly I came upon a lovely oasis in the bustling city!  It did not matter that the labyrinth was snow-covered that morning.  I felt a profound sense of peacefulness and also felt very grounded while exploring the area... 

I had printed out and read some articles from on the flight to Toronto.  Here is an excerpt that describes one person's experience in walking this labyrinth:
"When I reached the centre, I hung out for a few moments, looking around at the delicate pale green of the budding trees and at the setting sun reflected off the high-rise buildings, and just breathed, allowing myself to feel the joy of having survived to revel in another spring."
And upon returning to the hotel I found a "PATH" sign above the door, reminding me to just "trust the process, trust the path"!  How cool is that?