Sunday, August 28, 2011

Memories of Labyrinth Fest!

Memories of a wonderful day!
Deborah:  What a lovely day – long awaited. All of our work came together in (yet another!) fantastic event. It was very satisfying to see the labyrinth in place – the landscaping, the benches, the stone bench with finger labyrinth, the people, and the weather! Glorious, warm but not humid, breezy, weather. The labyrinth is now in place for anyone to visit any time; it is accessible to everyone, and it is a beautiful addition to our community We can put together events so much more easily - I am already looking forward to the Harvest Lantern Walk!

Picking the perfect rock to carry onto the labyrinth!
Julia: People came early, children all over the Labyrinth...
THEN THE BLESSING. This was uplifting and joyful, enfolding the group, even before we entered the Labyrinth, hand in hand. From then on it was a truly fantastic day, filled with music and laughter.
NOW I know why I’m involved with the Labyrinth.

Opening with the lovely sounds of the harp.
Chris:  It was an absolutely perfect summer day - a bright blue sky, and everything just seemed to flow magically! It was wonderful arriving early and seeing Doug put some finishing touches to the labyrinth landscape. Our hearts were singing a joyful song all day long - and the labyrinth energy seemed to fill the air and space of that time and place!  The photos taken that day really help to tell the story... 
Drumming circle added to the labyrinth fest celebrations!
Ronette: It was a magical day to see it all come together after so much thought and preparation were put
into it. Not sure which was the most special moments of the day - looking out - with all of you on the stage and realizing we had truly arrived at this "Day" and seeing the number of folks out there and friends who supported us and the Labyrinth and believed in it.  Listening to Vanessa say her prayer and the holding of hands and one of the ladies next to me saying "how good it felt " to do this! It truly was a beautiful day and we were blessed and so inspired by it all.
The labyrinth is officially declared open!
Debby:  Our celebration was as wonderful as it could possibly be. I am so very proud of all of us for creating the Community Labyrinth and as I said in my speech:
No one accomplishes this type of project alone.
No single person is responsible for this beautiful space.
Together (sponsors, and supporters) we have been able to bring to Carleton Place a special space for quiet reflection, meditation, prayer and fun community events.”
How grateful I am to my committee for their dedication and determination to this project and how blessed I feel to work with such a wonderful group of women.

These words came to us as a thank you from someone who walked the Labyrinth.
I pray others see the Labyrinth as a calming force in their lives. For them, I thank you and your companions for your insight in a world so needing a time and a place to take a deep breath and a moment to reflect”.
Body, mind and spirit are soothed today!

Karen: peony petals
float below a cloudless sky
softly in circles
hold my hand let's walk
...good to be in this moment
summer on our faces
the grass path is soft
and can take many footprints
hey a butterfly!

Heather:  You’ve all said it so well, in every aspect, it was a grand day!

See you at the Harvest Lantern Walk!