Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toronto Public Labyrinth at Trinity Square Park

During a very short trip to Toronto recently for a day long "Art of Marketing" conference, I was able to fit in an early morning visit to the Labyrinth at Trinity Square Park.  I discovered that the labyrinth was just minutes away from the Sheratron on Queen Street.   I slipped out of the hotel room by 6:30 am and set out to find Trinity Square Park.  I first was drawn to Nathan Phillipps Square but quickly realized this was not the right spot.  Anyone that I asked that morning - did not know where Trinity Square Park was. So I just headed to the right, past the Bell Building and suddenly I came upon a lovely oasis in the bustling city!  It did not matter that the labyrinth was snow-covered that morning.  I felt a profound sense of peacefulness and also felt very grounded while exploring the area... 

I had printed out and read some articles from on the flight to Toronto.  Here is an excerpt that describes one person's experience in walking this labyrinth:
"When I reached the centre, I hung out for a few moments, looking around at the delicate pale green of the budding trees and at the setting sun reflected off the high-rise buildings, and just breathed, allowing myself to feel the joy of having survived to revel in another spring."
And upon returning to the hotel I found a "PATH" sign above the door, reminding me to just "trust the process, trust the path"!  How cool is that?

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