Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 1st Workshop

Heather, Christine and Debby connecting with other labyrinth enthusiasts at the Sacred Pattern, Sacred Path workshop at St. John's Anglican church in South March. We participated in a wonderful day of opportunities - learning more about labyrinths and sacred space from Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, a pioneer in the resurgence of walking meditation and one of the best know North American experts on labyrinths. I purchased her book "Walking a Sacred Path", rediscovering the labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice and look forwards to many hours of insightful reading.

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  1. In this photo we are doing a wonderful processional labyrinth walk at the end of the workshop. We all gathered in a row standing one behind the other (in order of height) with our hand on the shoulder of the person in front. We walked in time to a percussion instrument - slowly into the centre - then right out the back of the labyrinth and formed a circle around the perimeter of the labyrinth. Magically - Lauren had us break into two circles - one inside the other - and we were able to talk to one another about our impressions and feelings about the walk! What a great way to end the day!