Sunday, June 27, 2010

Community Gathers Around the Labyrinth!

A big thank you to everyone that was drawn to attend the "Lure of the Labyrinth" event last night!  The weather cooperated and the skies cleared just in time for the setup.  Everyone found a seat around the firepit and we were honoured to be able to share in the blessing of a new drum.  The Sisters of the Drum formed a circle around the sister with the new drum.  A small pebble was placed at the centre and tobacco was spread carefully on top of the drum. The new drum owner turned slowly and stood at each direction, while the rest of the group drummed joyfully.  We could see the tobacco bouncing and dancing on the top of the drum.  What a beautiful ceremony and special way to open up the labyrinth for our Summer Solstice walk!

After a brief introduction everyone was invited to walk the labyrinth!  They were encouraged to carry a small stone with them - and on the walk in to think about "releasing" any stressful thoughts and taking this time to slow down and enjoy the walk.  They could let go of these thoughts at the centre - by symbolically leaving the stone there.  And then "return" back out to join the community gathering...

The new stones that  mark the entrance to the labyrinth were also "warmed", they make a perfect bench and a place to rest before or after your walk.  They are also a solid reminder of our commitment to have a permanent labyrinth built here!  We were thrilled to hear that $1,000 had been donated to our fundraising campaign bringing the new total to over $7,800!  We continue to be amazed at the power of positive thinking and very thankful for the community support.

 And finally as the evening was drawing to a close and dusk was setting in - our little votive candles came to life and lit the way!  In closing I have to say "Meegwetch", a First Nation way of saying much more than "thank you".  By saying "Meegwetch", a general feeling of happiness and gratitude over the existence of something or someone is expressed as well as a spiritual connection!

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