Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Make Your Own Lantern!

Making a Lantern: Small gift type boxes or gift bags, empty milk containers, take out containers; cracker or tea boxes can all be adapted to lanterns. All of this type of lantern will need cut outs to let the light through. Decorate the outside of the container and add a handle to your creation with rope, ribbon, wire, or pipe cleaners.
Milk Carton Lanterns
Mason jars and large plastic bottles with the tops cut off make great lanterns when decorated with coloured tissue paper. If using plastic bottles make sure to punch 2 holes directly across from each other approximately I/2 inch from the cut top.
Step 1: Use a half and half solution of white glue and water to stick pieces of tissue to the container. Working in sections, apply the glue mixture to the container with a small paint brush and place the tissue over the glue area.
Step 2: Completely cover the container with a collage of the tissue, add stickers, sparkles and any other embellishments. Apply a small amount of glue over any pieces of tissue paper that appears to be dry or not sticking to the container.

Having fun making jar lanterns at Labyrinth Fest!
Step 3: Let dry overnight and add a wire handle for carrying.
Step 4: Use a battery operated tea light or glow stick to make a lantern that is safe to carry.

Help light the path at the Harvest Labyrinth Walk - see you there!

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