Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Wonder-filled Walk for Wellness!

We were blessed with glorious weather for the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth's Walk for Wellness, held on Saturday, June 16th!  We set up rest stops for the five senses all around the labyrinth - and encouraged visitors to take their time to visit these stops - as they prepared for their labyrinth walk.

Comments and feelings about the day were captured on a Reflection Poster.

The Sense of Sound
Inspiring Music and Thought-Provoking Questions to Ponder!

The Sense of Sight
Take some time to look around you, you will be surprised by what you see!
The Sense of Smell
Taking time to notice different fragrances can be a heady experience!

The Sense of Touch
Sit quietly and trace the path of the labyrinth with your finger - you will be touched by the experience!
The Sense of Taste
Slow down and take time to savour the flavours!
What words, symbols, feelings or sounds best describe your experience on the labyrinth today?
Overcome with gratitude


Relaxing and freedom

Connection, The whole world is one family

Moments of memory and glory



Calm and connected to abundance

Love and connect with all human beings

Inspiration, connection, gratitude, hope. Thanks!

It was a wonderful walk with my loving husband whom I love so much. Thank You.


So very spiritual, peaceful

Being grounded in the moment. Beauty

Peace, beauty, nature, Thankfulness

Faith, family, love

Joyful, thankful for this beautiful space

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