Monday, August 29, 2016

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk

I was a bit hesitant about heading to the Full Moon Labyrinth Walk on July 19th, 2016.  I was quite overwhelmed with life stresses that day: my long commute, a lot going on at work, and more.  And we have been coping with having only a very small volunteer committee to keep the events at the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth running smoothly.

I wanted to prepare a very short welcome and opening prayer - and felt I didn't even have time to put that together. So I sent a quick note out to the Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitators forum - and trusted that the inspiration I needed would come.

However, the moment I arrived at the labyrinth - I felt a great sense of calm and knew that I was in exactly the right place at the right time!

Here is the full moon labyrinth walk report I sent to our committee members the following day.

Hi All:

We had a small turnout – but a very a special full moon walk last night. At the beginning I met Brittany, Amelia (her toddler daughter), Phoebe (German Shepherd) and Maui (black cat). They live in the neighbourhood – and go for walks most evenings (the cat walks everywhere with them).  They especially like to walk at the labyrinth.

Maui decided to stay and attend the full moon labyrinth walk too (after his humans went home)! He didn't like walking on the grass though – so he stepped carefully all along the stone path. We even called him – and arranged for him to sit on one of the benches under the full moon! We walked the labyrinth once, gathered at the standing stones to chat and share – and then walked once more when the moon came out!

Sending you all full moon energy and blessings!
Trusting the path!
Chris :)

I meet Maui the cat, who decides to stay and take part in the full moon walk.
Deb even called him – and arranged for him to sit on one of the benches under the full moon!
We walked the labyrinth a second time when the moon came out!
And the next day I found these emails (via the Labyrinth Facilitator network) in my inbox. I found it particularly sychronistic to hear from Eve in Maui, after meeting Maui the cat!

I’ve been doing a full moon labyrinth monthly on Maui for 20 years…….are you looking for specific words or time flow or ….…..or what exactly? We have a harpist play for 30 minutes while everyone is gathering (volunteer) then I do about 30-40 minute talk on labyrinths history and how to utilize them to transform your life and relationships and guidelines, then we walk by moonlight and torchlight……and finish up with sharing…. BEAUTIFUL every time!

We live in a place where we get 80 inches of rain a year and in 20 years have never been rained out. It will rain all through the talk, clear up while we walk and rain through the sharing…..quite miraculous!

Let me know if you are looking for something more specific….
Much aloha

Sacred Garden Maui

My first introduction to the labyrinth was nearly 20 years ago at one of Eve's lovely facilitated walks upcountry Maui; it was the beginning of a special part of my life.  She does a terrific job...

Since then I've had the privilege of facilitating my own walks and have done several around the moon.  One of the things I like to highlight is how the labyrinth mimics the cycles of the moon in terms of beginning to fill as we walk in (new moon waxing), circle center (full) and releasing/letting go as we walk out (waning moon). Helping people consider how this rhythm is at work in their life and guiding them to raise consciousness about what they want to grow in themselves can be an interesting focus for a walk.  

So opening could be an invitation to what they would like to be filled with (peace, joy, courage etc.) and closing could be what they are ready to let go of (tension, anger, fear etc.)  Also simply being open to absorbing the's such a mysterious, mystical energy that fits so well with the labyrinth!

Good luck.
Kathleen Maxwell
Chagrin Falls, OH

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