Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to Host "150 Labyrinth Walks for Canada's 150th" at Your Labyrinth

Whenever someone walks the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth during the period April 10th – September 8th in 2017, they will be encouraged to register their walk at the labyrinth. We are hoping to meet, and even exceed, our goal of 150 labyrinth walks – and will celebrate our combined achievement during our annual “Light up the Labyrinth” event on Friday, September 8th, starting at 6:30 p.m.

To broaden the scope of this special commemorative initiative – we are also reaching out to other labyrinths locally and across Canada – and inviting them to join in the celebration. A list of participating labyrinths (to date) can be found below.

How to take part:

1. Register your labyrinth by sending an email to - subject line:
"150 Labyrinth Walks for Canada's 150th" We want to Participate!

2. Decide the length of time you want to run the event, and how you want participants to register their walks, e.g.
3. Set an intention for this event.  Here is an example provided by our friends at the Toronto Labyrinth Network (LCN):

"First, in regards to Canada's 150th, I would suggest, that since the Labyrinth is a sacred space for prayer & meditation a focus be offered to those participating. This universal theme would help to unite all the different labyrinths participating even more strongly. It could speak to the need for wisdom of our leaders going forward or the healing for past wrongs."

4. Promote the event at your labyrinth - by editing this news release (link to editable document) to include your own details. Send the news release out to local media, post mentions of your event on your website, blog and/or in social media.

5. Whenever you do a social media post, make sure to use the hashtags #canada150, plus your community's hashtag, e.g. Carleton Place #cpcan150; Ottawa  #ottawa150; Vancouver #vancouver150; Toronto #toronto150 and so on.

6. Keep track of how you are doing - and post mentions of your progress on your website, blog and/or in social media.

7. Celebrate when you reach your goal!
Bennett-Lindsay Labyrinth in Burnstown, Ontario (Photo Credit: Hoverwolf)
Canadian Labyrinths that are participating (to date):
  • Bennett-Lindsay Labyrinth located in Burnstown, Ontario beside the Bittersweet Gallery at 5 Leckie Lane, for more info contact Kathryn Lindsay at
For more information, contact Christine Hume, or 613 722 6832 x238 or cel. 613 859 2136

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