Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pilgrimage Notes and the Yellow Mosaic Arrow Project (Part 1)

My pilgrimage journey from Ottawa to Montreal with Chemin des Outaouais ended up being very different from what I expected. And I am reminded now that I was to go on my long walk with "no expectations" and to be open to whatever happened along "the way".

Leading up to the walk, in the midst of relaxation during a yoga class - an idea occurred to me. I could make some yellow mosaic arrows (inspired by the Camino arrows).  How interesting!
An example of the yellow arrows found along the Camino in Spain (Photo credit: Debby Lee Jagerman)*
Over the next week this idea started to take shape. I would create portable yellow arrows and leave them along  "the way" as I walked.
After my early morning quiet time - the idea starts to take shape.
I ordered some yellow tiles from Glass Mosaic Canada. And I asked friends to donate yellow bits and baubles for use on the arrows.
Yellow arrow bits and pieces given to me OR found.
I decided to make the arrows so they could be hung up along "the way".  And to use plywood as the base for the arrows. I was on a training walk one day - and there was the piece of plywood that I needed on the side of the road!

I spent the afternoon designing the arrows and drawing them on the plywood. I borrowed a jigsaw and had just started to awkwardly cut them out - when a neighbour dropped by and offered to cut them for me. Within an hour or two - he was back with all 12 arrows done!
The base for my yellow arrows - ready for creativity :)
I spray-painted the arrows black. And was ready to create the first prototype. I planned to create the rest of the arrows while I was walking.
My first yellow mosaic arrow - a work in progress.
 To be continued....

*NOTE: Here is a wonderful article about the Camino yellow arrows, written by Debby Lee Jagerman.

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