Saturday, May 17, 2014

Journalling at the Labyrinth

We are so thankful to our committee member Julia (for finding this old mailbox) and to local artist MJ Lancaster (for transforming it)!  Now anytime you visit the Carleton Place Community Labyrinth  - our brochures and guest book can be easily found - right at the entrance to the labyrinth.
You've got labyrinth mail! You will find our guest book and brochures here.
Take a few moments to reflect upon your walk and write a journal entry in our guest book...

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”  
Christina Baldwin

 “This pouring thoughts out on paper has relieved me. I feel better and full of confidence and resolution.”
Diet Eman, Things We Couldn't Say

"Verba Volant, Scripta Manet"
(Words fly away, the written remain)
Inspiration from Veronica Chenier, vendor at the Carp Farmer's Market

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