Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Pilgrimage Notes and the Yellow Arrows Project (Part 3)

Part 1
Continued from Part 2
The second day we headed out early and journeyed 16.8 km from Orleans to Masson, QC. Jacques and I stopped at a Starbucks in Orleans for a washroom break - and were fortunate to meet a couple that had spent many months walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. They knew we were pilgrims from our attire and backpacks. We had a wonderful, spontaneous, soul conversation sharing stories and learning from their experiences!
We have Camino-like experiences along the "Chemain des Outaouais"
And as we started walking again we saw a solo pilgrim walking towards us. He had a beautiful, gnarled walking stick and was traveling very lightly. He had been walking for several days and was heading into Ottawa last we saw him.
We take the Masson ferry on foot!
Next up was crossing over to the Quebec side on the Masson ferry and we slowly and mindfully made our way to our next overnight destination. We took time to rest in a park by a Church and eventually stayed in a guest house avec les Souers de Sainte-Marie.
Souer Rollande Lamoureux stamps our pilgrimage passports.
I arrived at the guest house first - and selected the room that had space for me to work on my yellow mosaic arrow project. I stayed up too late - finishing off my first yellow arrow. And I had to be very careful to leave the desk as clean and tidy as I had found it - knowing that the nuns are very particular about cleanliness!

I thought I was going to create the arrows and leave them along the path. But I realized instead that I was meant to give them to special people that were an important part of my journey.  I decided to gift the first yellow arrow to Souer Rollande Lamoureux - as a thank you for staying in this restful place.

To be continued...
A desk in my room becomes my temporary mosaic studio.
I leave one of the yellow arrows for Sister Rollande.

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