Thursday, August 8, 2019

On Being an Artist in Residence!

When I retired in May 2018, after more than 30 years in marketing and advertising, the little seed of an idea popped into my head. I decided that I would like to be an artist in residence, teaching mosaic art,  somewhere in 2019. This little idea made my soul jump for joy!
This little idea made my soul jump for joy!
In January 2019, I realized that if I wanted to bring the "artist in residence" idea to life - I'd better put it out there. So on a cold wintery morning, I made a cup of tea and started to search the internet for possibilities. After some time I stumbled upon the Muskoka Chataqua website!  Keywords such as arts, culture and spirituality resonated with me. They offered an Artist in Residence program that looked very interesting - so I sent an email asking for more information.

Hi: I am a mosaic artist living in Almonte, Ontario and am interested in being sent information about your 2019 Artist in Residence program. Thanks very much Christine Hume

Within the next week I received a reply!

Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for your interest in our Artists-in-Residence program.
I would love to chat with you. What is a good day and time?
Kindest Gayle

I felt a bit nervous when I read this email, but a big voice boomed in my head "just be yourself"! And the next day when Gayle and I spoke - we had a great conversation! We found we shared a love of labyrinths and she even suggested what I could teach for my workshop. She had read about my yellow Camino mosaic arrow project on this blog, and felt it would make a great workshop to teach how to create these yellow arrows.  The minute she said this - it felt just right and the ideas started to flow re how to bring the workshop to life. 
Gayle suggested that I teach how to create the yellow Camino mosaic arrows in my workshop.
I am now back from spending a week as an "Artist in Residence" at the Clevelands House Resort in Minett, ON.  It was an amazing and inspiring creative experience. Every day was different - as the makeup of the groups varied from young children to twenty-somethings to parents and grandparents. The photos really help to tell the story.
I explain that the yellow mosaic arrows we will be creating are inspired by the yellow arrows found on the Camino pilgrimage path.

I also explain a bit more about the Camino and show the group this map of the various routes.
Pick your own arrow and bits and pieces to personalize it. Some participants brought their own items to add to their arrow.
My outdoor mosaic studio makes me happy!
A young mosaic artist - happily shows me her finished arrow :)
Everyone is immersed in creating their own yellow mosaic Camino arrow.
Lots of stories were told while this arrow was being created.
I just said - can you do a neat pose with your arrow?
This Mom and daughter plan to walk the Camino a few years from now - they really get it! The daughter's proud comment: I did art! :)
Another family group that really enjoyed the creative process!
Great way to sign your arrow, put your yellow arrow name tag on the back.
Bouquet of yellow wildflowers picked along the way, with yellow arrow picks - of course.
Large yellow arrow mural, with notes from workshop participants - set up for the Art Party.

Here are just a few of the yellow Camino mosaic arrows created by workshop participants!
I am so thankful for this amazing experience and for the wonderful people that I connected with. I highly recommend trying out one of the Muskoka Chataqua artist workshops at either the Clevelands House Resort or the New Baldwins Resort if you are in the area. There is a different artist at each resort for eight weeks during the months of July and August.

And I am "trusting the path" and truly looking forward to wherever the Yellow Camino Mosaic Arrow project takes me next!

Dear Christine: thank you so much for the beautiful labyrinth and the time we shared in Muskoka. I love the yellow arrows and the process that was both intuitive and thoughtful in creating both. I thoroughly enjoyed trusting the path with you and I look forward to reconnecting next year. Hopefully you can return for another Artist-in-Residence. Gayle :)

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